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To deliver top-notch, innovative and technical-driven solutions and services. We’re propelled and guided by both our commitment to service and our belief in value creation and operational excellence in professional services e.g. back office automation, process development, system design, rebranding, analytics, technology implement support, mergers & acquisitions.


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BG Interactive was established in 2005

A leading IT-BPO service provider based in Dhaka, has been empowering clients around the world to achieve business transformation and growth through its services that boost process and operational efficiencies. We have regional offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London and in the Middle East. We utilize our vast network of resources to ensure a ready stable of subject-matter experts across industries and markets.


An organization’s back office management can significantly impact its success. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis, from various transactional processes such as order fulfilment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back office solutions. Our deep industry specific consultants can help you map, manage, standardize, and improve your processes anytime.

Process Automation

Streamlining bank services through digitization and minimizing bureaucratic processes.


Document Digitization

Increasing efficiency by implementing technologies to automate data archiving and retrieval processes.

Business Analytics

Develop state-of-the-art business analytics tools that interpret raw data into easily interpretable models.

ePayment Solutions

We are specialized in the ePayment industry and have an in-depth understanding of POS.

Cyber Security

Comprehensive security solutions that meet the challenges of a consistently volatile digital landscape.

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